Prof. Dr. Galal Eldin  Elazhari  Mohammed ELHASSN

In this aggressive - global changing in animal industry, each Department of Animal Production and Veterinary Medicine in Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) is actively striving to assume a prominent place among its peers locally and within the region, and looks forward with unyielding and firm spirit to stand out among its counterparts globally in order to meet the needs and challenges of today and tomorrow gracefully and with complete confidence. In the meantime, the college makes proactive and major strides to step into a more sustainable future. To achieve these targets, the department makes every effort to qualify its students, explore their potentials and always demonstrates its intent to make every one of them successful through highly qualified and distinguished faculty and staff that are dedicated to empowering their students and encourage them to assume greater responsibility over setting their own learning goals and collaborate actively with each other in achieving these goals to better prepare them for the future, and enable them to satisfy the present and upcoming needs of the market. The department provides its students with a wide range of options in traditional production sciences, and exposes them to a broad range of recent and cutting-edge technologies, it also enriches their self confidence, working professional talents, skills, knowledge, and experience through high-tech area of biotechnology curriculum. In this context, the Department seeks actively, hand in hand, with its faculty and staff, supported by the senior management of the University, to pursue excellence, by offering its students all the available means of knowledge and gear their efforts towards achieving high levels of knowledge in their specific areas of specialization so as to provide the best quality veterinary care with a highly compassionate and genuine approach. The college, with its all highest long-term potentials and professional expertise is providing a unique learning and research environment to its students, through its multiple innovative tailored programs for its undergraduate and postgraduate students, in addition to a diverse and comprehensive programs covering all areas of animal production, veterinary medicine, fisheries, wildlife and rural development with a wide array of different learning environments from classroom to lab, and from farm and zoo to clinic.