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Our strategy pursues a clear objective, to be known for reliability, flexibility, responsiveness, and keep our college on the edge of innovation. The College will keep central to all its functions the development of veterinary, livestock production, wildlife and fisheries education through the provision of high quality learning environment, continuous improvement of its academic programs and sustained enhancement of practical skills aiming to bring them in line with internationally recognized standards. We will also strive to make a difference by sharing expertise and knowledge. Our concept is to create a centre of excellence that will act for the country as a national resource focusing on veterinary sciences animal production, wildlife and fisheries. In the meantime, the department will continue its relentless endeavors to attract and be the department of choice for the best and highly gifted students who seek to aggregate specialized knowledge and look forward to a bright and prosperous future in this particular field.


To provide professional graduates either they will be working for education or as veterinarians,and scientists in animal production, wild life and fisheries and other biological scientists, at the diploma, bachelor, master, and doctoral levels.

To attain leadership in teaching and extending education and consultative services in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in domestic and wild life, as well as livestock production and fisheries.

To carry out high quality research in veterinary services, wild life, clinical and biomedical sciences, livestock production and in public health and environmental health.


  • Graduate qualified specialists able to avail of the abundant and diverse natural terrestrial and marine resources in the country.
  • Train qualified specialists to associate products with research and technical packages.
  • Associate the University with the community around.
  • Modernize traditional animal production and raise its productivity through modern technology
  • Graduate qualified veterinarians and animal surgeons.